Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Assignment: Street Style

What street styles catch your attention? How do you describe what people are wearing?

First draft due: Friday Feb. 6 - PRINTED! 

Choose three photographs of people sporting arresting, stunning, hard core, spunky, casual, sophisticated or other style clothing. If you took your own photos - great! If not, go to streetpeeper.com and choose three.

Write one paragraph for each photograph. In each paragraph you should:
  • describe the clothes and style in detail
  • give your opinion
  • use at least three vocabulary words from the list 
  • have 8-12 sentences
  • include an introduction sentence with identifying information and/or main idea
  • include a concluding sentence
Try to add words and expressions to make your writing more engaging. You can try:
  • new adjectives
  • metaphors
  • emotional qualities
  • personal stories
  • historical references
  • more complex sentence structures

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