Friday, March 27, 2015

Initial Research: Due Tues 3/31

Choose two topics to research. If you have a hard time finding information for one, then try the other.

Informal Research
  • Look it up online. Read the Wikipedia page and look at other informative websites. Remember, these may not be reliable sources of information, so just use your online searches to get ideas.
  • Make a list of keywords to help you in your research.
  • Think about specific research questions or a point of view that you can try to prove. 

Academic Research
  • Search for your topic and/or keywords in PrattCat. Look for a book that includes images, historical facts, and/or opinions of an authority that you can use.
  • Search for your topic and/or keywords in Articles and Databases. Try JSTOR or The New York Times. 
  • Look through (scan) the book and articles to make sure they are useful. Try to find information that will help you define a research question.
Bring what you find to class!

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